The Scene of the Rhyme




The Scene of the Rhyme


The exclusive poetry collection The Scene of the Rhyme you are about to read is brand new. There’s a gritty mix of idealistic pieces, some light and upbeat, but some going into the deeper struggle I have had, when the forces around me change, and can’t be determined. Of course, for the romantics, I have included a lot of literature on our favourite subject of love and its lilts. Having written and performed my own mix of relevant poetry over the years, and with four collections to date, I would say this has been my way of maintaining a human level of understanding, and with the books, my readers and listeners, when I am on stage in front of an audience, have also enjoyed the human insight in my work, over the years. My poetry brings beings closer to themselves and others. It brings people closer… It’s important to me to use the platform of language to make a journey together and my poetry does the job beautifully. Avoiding difficult topics can become too easy! My poems will touch on vulnerability but also the strength in that. I draw from that that’s around me and from what I interpret in a scene or a situation. Some of the rhymes and poems in this collection were written before the millennium. I like the rock and roll way of life and it has been a strong influence on my work. I love travelling and this, coupled with a utopian belief that I can be free of the position I’m forced into in everyday life and eventually become an unfettered soul is an inspiration. Language of poetry has been there for me and now I am publishing books! I want to thank the worthy souls I am influencing.

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The Scene of the Rhyme
Book Specifications

ISBN 978-1-911232-44-5
Book Size: A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)
Page Count: 54 Pages
Interior Color: Black & White Standard
Paper Type: 60# White
Book Binding: Paperback
Cover Finish: Glossy

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