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About UsAbout US Hello my  name is William (S.D.K)I will explain what the S.D.K. stands for at the end of this article. I am a dyslexic Publisher.   Without the help of our support staff and volunteers this website and books would not be possible. We gratefully acknowledge their support.

About Us

We offer free publishing service for our Performance poets who have struggle to find a publisher, giving voices to unheard poets, all our authors have suffer life stress from mental health issue to finding there way with performance arts buy our books will allow us to continue to offer our services free and promote our authors profile and well being.

 The importance of this poetry lies in the fact that it appeals to all people, and everyone and anyone can find themselves in a situation where they need a second chance. The poetry embraces the themes and ideas which both depress and uplift people. For example, topics such as love and happiness and disappointment and illness, together with loneliness and friendship are present. However,  all, these poems contain a real quality which presents the human condition from the perspective of the raw experiences of their authors.

In the near future we hope to work closely with a diverse range of community projects to promote Mental Health and Well Being with performance Poetry.

(S.D.K. Spelling don’t kount)

Our next event Friday 30th Oct, 27th November 2020, Jan 2021

the last Friday of the months except Aug and Dec

WITH LOTS OF WELL KNOWN ACTS, venue Tea House Theatre 139 Vauxhall Walk SE.11 


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