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Making it Verse by Habiba Hrida

Making it VerseMaking it Verse I was born in Stoke Newington and brought up in North London in the bosom of a large family. Being Anglo/Arab I always had the extra influence that my Dads heritage offered which made me a little more open to other religions and philosophies from the start .Having always been aware of the unseen influences around us I realised my altruism could only be made true if I wrapped it up in poetry, Making it Verse  where it would be safe. In this world of illusion anything from the heart needs to be protected. The growth of my work has hung on the fact I do believe we are being directed by an unseen force. My dilemma is what to call that. I would like you to read the     poems from that angle to get the true meanings and messages concealed within.

                                                                           Poem From ‘Making it Verse’

                                                                                                      ‘In the blizzards of my memory lies a piece of broken glass,

In the sunsets of my fantasies the heart is beating fast.

In the rivers of my sorrows sits a changeling, so alone,

In the fairground of my happiness, freaks and hobos roam!’

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ISBN 9781291890358
Edition First
Publisher William Cornelius Harris
Published 20 October 2014
Language English
Pages 52
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
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14.81 wide x 20.98 tall

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