everybody is a diagnosis




Everybody Is A Diagnosis

when people like your poetry some wear a dreamy look

some may wish to wash no more the hand that your hand shook

some to take you home to read them poems while they cook

some instead to seek assistance from a local crook

to nobble hobble manacle and hang you from a hook

to be with them forever in the land that time forsook

with the only sound for miles around the cawing of a rook

some might even go so far as to think about buying a book

everybody is a diagnosis A fine collection, serious and seriously funny, a righteous riotous response to these and all other half-truth times, executed with the same tongue-twisting intensity that Richard brings to his mesmeric live performances

writer-ranter works consisting chronic cosmic comic colic songjokepoem jumble genre genius post-punk folk funk techno rapping rock roll lyric haul music ball own-brand boil bag burble blurt relentless ridiculous rhythm rhyme epic schematic epigrammatic ascetic ecstatic aesthetic elastic edbro fringe gone glastonburger babblebubble all points joints between since first seize stagepage 1980s90s heretofore self publish various vital verse volume absorbed absurd obverse observed hysterical political capital critical small large letter pronounced profane profundity spitspice will spill speil spell nice

winner first-ever so told anyway uk poetry slam ica arts place buck house mall way ’94 nuyorican lit hop hit pop hip hot lip lot poet tour whereon Independent reporter paper published of this performer “inspired comic narrative…weaved around the audience’s defences and delivered the killer punch” such selfsame phrase to brazen shameless plug play publication array until this very day avail so say


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