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My adventures at Paper Tiger Poetry I witness the Birth of The 3 Queens of Poetry, extraordinary 3 wonderful poets turn the audiance to mincemeat,  putty in their hands. Just read this report, Jason and Mum
by the way i am doing a slot on the same bill as The 3 Queens of Poetry, with
Poppy Dillon, Cheryl Mclennan, Heather Moulson, Rodney Wood and of course Office Girls go crazy, don’t for get me Keith Bray open mic. read all about it on on Office girls go crazy website

Paper Tiger Poetry

Behind you The 3 Queens od Poetry


Me and mum just stopping for a picture. oFFICE gIRLS are wating reports from Shaun, Rodney and Tom. It’s a foot where Sherlock ? both side plans are coming togerher. Battle on The 3 Queen of Poetry take on Office Girls Gang 24th Sept Tea House Theatre; who will be the victor!
The 3 Queens of Poetry have no idea who i am or do they ?.

All will be revealed soon look out for breaking News on What’s that – behind you, ho no The 3 Queens of Poetry are closing in, where the 4th Queen Army ? all this and more will be revealed @ Paper Tiger Poetry the fun begins.
Be sure to let your friends know.

Venue Tea house Theatre 139 Vauxhall Walk SE.11 5HL Show start 7:30 sign up for open mic from 7 pm

Website Maintance.

Keith Robert Bray

london poetry booksMy fourth book of poems ‘Skyhigh down to ground’ begins and engages with the political much more directly than my previous poetry collections. Intuitive responses more questioning than providing any actual solutions or answers. The content slowly moves towards the domestic, the social and more personal as the book progresses. The book is dedicated to Cam Ringel, Poet Razz, Jazzman John Clarke and Maggie Swampwino. Four people who had and still have a profound influence on my creative work. Not their actual words/music as such but the way they lived their lives and stayed true to their inner voice

                                                               Out Now





Pauline Deakin

london poetry books

Dreams, Screams and Washing Machines is the poetry book for people who don’t think poetry is for them. Funny, moving and deeply real, it unravels the dreams (and nightmares) of ordinary life.
You may never look at a washing machine in the same way again.
Pauline Deakin is approaching a significant birthday, so thought it was time to be brave and share her poems. In the past she has worked in libraries and been a lyricist for various bands, but has always written poetry.


Pauline Deakin dream SCREAM & Washing machines join our Book Project book







Contract sign Keith Bray  new title Art Squares Look & Stare

Art Squares Look & StareKeith Bray was born in Withington Manchester in 1949. His father a Yorkshire man was a Printer and ‘Father of Chapel’ for the Printers Union and brought him up with strong socialist beliefs and a love and awareness of the power of language and literature.

From an early age he was encouraged by his mother and father in all aspects of creativity and the imagination.
His parents moved South to Sidcup in Kent when he was very young and was educated and raised in Southern England. Though his family still retained strong affinities to Northern England and from an early age he developed a deep love of the Pennines and its history. His father realised from an early age that Keith was musical and sent him to piano and cello lessons.
Already language and music seemed to go hand in hand.
Keith started to get interested in poetry in his teens and some of his early work was shown to the academic Poet Roy Fuller who gave him advise and encouragment.Though Keith has concentrated more on music than poetry for most of his life its only in the last tens years that he’s been able to concentrate on it more fully.

Poetry for Keith is at heart,
like painting, a private pursuit. But since attending “Open Mike Poetry” evenings he’s finally plucked up the courage to read aloud some of his efforts out of which an interest in the spoken word has developed.

He was trained as a flutist and pianist at the Leeds College of Music (2 Year Foundation Studies) then went on to study Composition at Huddersfield University Music Department(3 Year Graduate Course). From there he did a 1 Year Post Graduate course in Composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He spent another Year at Morley College doing further Composition studies with Melanie Daiken(Royal Academy of Music) and finished his music Composition studies at Goldsmiths Music Department and gained a Masters Degree in Music(2 Year Course).

He’s worked extensively as Musical Director for “Horse and Bamboo”, “Journeywomen Dance Theatre”, “Bristol Express” etc. Composed flute music for “Centre Ocean Stream” and more recently(2017) flute music for “The Kala Chethena Kathakali Company” which toured nationally throughout England. Keith has a long time love of India and a deep interest in Indian musical techniques and worked directly with Indian musicians. He’s had compositions performed at the ICA and a commission for music for the Rose Window Reconstruction Ceremony at York Minster.

Performance isn’t new to Keith only the performance of poetry. Having had a vast history of working as a theatre musician he’s performed in many different guises and has an affinity with language and the visual arts. He doesnt regard language and music as seperate art forms but interchangeable.

Nick Eisen


Performance poets in the 1980s showed Nick Eisen that poetry could be clear, entertaining and topical. This inspired him to go to clubs where crowds cheered and laughed at rhythms and rhymes, rather than straining in literary silence to decode difficult slabs of blank verse. Nick has been performing around the changing stages of the poetry circuit on and off ever since. From 1997 to 2002 he was also Programmer at the Man In The Moon Theatre in Chelsea, which staged his play Icarus Rising, and where he did occasional stints as the “Emergency Poet” to cover unexpectedly vacant revue slots. Apart from poetry and plays or spoken word, Nick has written sketches and arts journalism, but he has never felt his work belonged in a book, until Jason Why offered this chance: Probably the Secret Police and Other Slices is Nick’s first collection out now








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If you would like to join the Book Project. London Poetry Books offers original writers a new level of opportunity, support and access to publication.” Free publishing for our invited clients



Our newsletter Third Edition a little rush due to my hospital appointment  i am still dyslexia S.D.K Spelling Don’t Kount. but William has asked me to do the next 12 issue so he can run a competition how many issued out of the next 12 without spelling mistake that’s life.

Book Project

Next year book project the fund are now in place for our new authors.  We are looking for 20 performance poets to join the Book Project. The eBook Project  is open to any authors who attends our event

Paper Tiger Poetry

last  Friday of the month next event Friday 31st May 2019, sign up for open mic from 6:30 PM Show start at 7:30 PM  Entry £5 con £3

New Authors for 2019

We will be offering free publishing for new poets we feel we can work with.  Poets will be selected by committee from our poetry events and friends of our events our events is the last Friday of the month to be held at Tea House Theatre.


  Aldo Quagliotti new title Japanese Tosa watch this space


Rhymes for the Times

Habiba Hrida

Making it VerseI have been writing and performing my mix of poetry for people with a social conscience.Those of you who are still loving and caring and think the world has needed a complete overhaul for a very long time now should give my book a go as I’m only saying what many people think anyway..My first collection has been well received by many and as a result will be releasing a second collection later on in the year.I get a lot of pleasure knowing people from everywhere are reading, and digesting what I have to say. I think it’s becoming more and more important to support up and coming writers and poets as the art of spoken word and written word could become lost underneath all this technology we have grown to depend on.Before this, oral traditions were relied upon to spread information and ideas to the masses, and it would be a great shame if this tradition was abandoned completely.Finally, I hope you have a good read if you choose my book.Love and light. Rhymes for the Times free extract

Cathy Flower


There is a Tune

Cathy Flower poet for life

Books News  Cathy Flower new book title Cathy Flower Poet for Life’.   Poet for Life arrived in London in 2004. Since her arrival, she has performed here extensively. How did it start? “It all began for me in Sydney, racing up a hill in Darlinghurst to put my name down in the open-mic.  At a pizza bar on Oxford Street in 1991. I made it. My blood was inspired. Poetry and I remain”.

 There is a Tune Cathy’s third pamphlet of poetry, dealing with urban pains and enlightening strains but with a dash of hope, enchantment and survival. Preceding poetry pamphlets by Cathy Flower include Blue Poetry (2013) and Poetry is the Sight Within: 8 Short Poems (2010).





Tara Fleur

 Tara FleurBooks News I’m Not Here For Your Entertainment is Tara Fleur ‘Woman Of Bones’ first collection of poetry.
She is a Performance Poet, Fine Artist MA, Psychiatric Nurse, and Survivor of Trauma.
She has a battled with Mental Illness alongside a varied involvement in Acute Psychiatry and the Arts.
She has exhibited her installation art which incorporates spoken word, film and photography and independently curated several successful exhibitions of conceptual art over the past 25 years.
In 2013 she won a national painting / poetry competition (Think Arts) with a portrait of Shakespeare that was on display at Southwark Cathedral, London UK.
Tara Fleur ‘Woman Of Bones’ is new to publication but has already had poems included in collection of poetry in America by Nina Loard.
Her life story as a Poet, Artist and Survivor of Trauma can also be found in an academic psychological research publication ‘ Narratives Of Art Practise and Mental Well Being ‘ by Olivia Sagan, Bishop Grosseteste University.
Tara Fleur ‘Woman Of Bones’ performs her poetry widely across the London open mic circuit, poetry slam’s and has featured at several events.
She has an interest in collaborating with fellow poets, most recently weaving a darker thread of poetry into Ingrid Andrew’s performance piece ‘When Woman Created The World’
I’m Not Here For Your Entertainment is a collection of edgy, melancholic,
sexually explicit, traumatic, dark, socio-political, uncomfortable and often shockingly visceral poetry.
This book of poetry is, her book of poetry.. a reflection of a life less ordinary




Fran Isherwood

Fran Isherwood  Books News thank you for taking the time to read Book News our first poetry collellection Fran Isherwood will take you on a wry, awry, word-playful gallop through the vagaries of life encountering a motley cast of mail stealing snails, 70s comedy legends, explosive bakers and baritones- turned -butchers en route. She is a regular on the London Spoken Word circuit who hosts a monthly event in East London but also has previous form as a singer, comic and actor. Fran has had poems published in several anthologies and a couple of periodicals. This is her first collection of poems. Extract from Swimming with Endorphins  Free download Swimming with Endorphins extract

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Amy Nelson Smith


Amy-SmithAmy Nelson Smith our new Author of Dark Matter. Well known performer on the poetry circuit is exciting audience with extract from Dark Matter be the first to pre order just send us a message Contact









  Cam Ringel

CamTan RingelPoems and illustrations by CamTan Ringel, aka CT within poetry circuits in London and Stockholm.

‘Words are for sharing’ ‘Each word deserves to be heard’ she says in her poetry workshops.

‘You don’t have to understand poetry. You don’t even have to understand the person who wrote it. Just give it a chance to trigger your thinking that little bit extra. Some of us do not want to think. That is ok too; just read, absorb and see what happens.’


CT began writing at the age of nine, in Sweden, in English, so that no one would understand. It was a scary prospect baring yoursoul.As a single child, she found her sanctuary in the world of words. Poetry kept her alive and somewhat sane.


‘Poetry gave perspective, release, refuge and a lot of comfort.’

What’s with the title: ‘Umbrellas are for whimps’?

‘Simple’, she says: ‘We shield ourselves from the discomfort of being wet and cold whilst poking people’s eyes out. If we would dare to enjoy the rain as well as the sunshine, we might just dareUmbrellas are for Whimps seeing each other and ourselves the way we are meant to be seen (which is everyone’s guess but an exciting one.)’

What is the best thing that has happened poetry-wise for you?

‘Shaking hands with Princess Diana at ‘Southwark against drugs’ exhibition felt huge but also to see people develop their capacity to express themselves; grow their confidence – often despite potentially very difficult circumstances.’ FREE DOWN LOAD Umbrellas are for whimps extract

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