Pocket full of Whispers Keith Bray

Keith Bray, a talented musician, plays many instruments, and a collaborator in music and performance to make original and inspired work over many decades.  He both writes lyrics for music; and poetry for performance, which are a delight to read.   He has been an entertainer and music therapist to the elderly and many others. He is a talented painter and a poet.

This selection of his work is his first published book of poetry.

Written in short verses often mainly of four to six lines and the majority of not more than six verses, with lines that roll from the tongue and never leave the reader gasping for breath, or the attention wandering, or the mind befuddled, but the mind is engaged throughout.

Keith Bray writes with empathy and clear perception of frail hopeful humanity as in “Tipsy Fingertips” .And  a powerful observation of the natural and the built environment. In “Not just any Street” he distils the beauty within and around a street and the sky which is usually passed without a glance. “Store Brewing” Is a beauty of description of a cat, catlike dodging getting wet. Giving the beautiful alliteration of“Satin smoothBaster black cat (I had to google “baster”) Slides panther sleek”And later “Slips out of the night Slinking into the electric Soft-measured Synthetic light” “Moments of recognition Re-observed” is about unique times one sees a rare sighting of nature. The, you only get to see one kingfisher, moments. Compare the despair of This stupid Love Rings out Without singing” which finishes with “Turns seas into gutters” to the contentment of “Darby and Jones” as a humorous homecoming after all the vicissitudes of life. Keith Brays poetry connects, it is kind, and it is good. And well worth reading.

                        Lots of excillent Tittles

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